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Getting Help with Command SyntaxPermanent link for this heading

Command Line Client (Linux) – Help

> apptelemetry help

usage: apptelemetry set server "http://host/apptelemetry/server/"

    apptelemetry set session <sessionid>

    apptelemetry show ...

    apptelemetry start session <applname> <applid> <filter> [normal|detail|debug] description

    apptelemetry stop session {<sessionid>}

    apptelemetry delete session {<sessionid>}

    apptelemetry download session {<sessionid>|latest} {}

   apptelemetry help ...

Using incomplete commands will display more specific help

Command Line Client (Linux) – Specific Help

> apptelemetry set

usage: apptelemetry set server "http://host/apptelemetry/server/"

    apptelemetry set authentication [anonymous | basic {username} {password}]

    apptelemetry set session {sessionid}

    apptelemetry set downloadtarget {directoryname}

    apptelemetry set timeout <timeoutmilliseconds>

> apptelemetry show

usage: apptelemetry show config

    apptelemetry show sessions        apptelemetry show applications

Showing InformationPermanent link for this heading

Display current persisted configuration settings:

Command Line Client (Linux) – Show Config

> apptelemetry show config

Host:            http://localhost/apptelemetry/server/

Last Session:    0

Authentication:  anonymous

Download Target: /tmp/app.telemetry.client/

Display currently running sessions:

Command Line Client (Linux) – Show Sessions

> apptelemetry show sessions

Session 1: Test without Filter (Fabasoft Folio 1.1470) started=2009-02-10 16:45:28.000

Session 2: test (Fabasoft Folio 1.1470, COO.1.1470.1.12) started=2009-02-11 16:56:48.000

Session 3: Eskalation: Administrator, System – Create Folder (Fabasoft Folio 1.1470, COO.1.1470.1.12) started=2009-02-11 14:27:57.000

Display currently registered applications:

Command Line Client (Linux) – Show Applications

> apptelemetry show applications

Application Fabasoft Folio - 1.1470 - AT-Service - COOATS_1_Scheduler

Application Fabasoft Folio - 1.1470 - Webservice - VEXT_1_Root_FSC

Application Fabasoft Folio - 1.1470 - COO-Service – 1

Application Fabasoft Folio - 1.1470 - MMC-Service - 2

Start/Stop/Download/Delete Telemetry SessionsPermanent link for this heading

Start a Software-Telemetry session for a specific application defined by <applname> and <applid>. Set the application specific filter value (for example <domain\>) and define the detail level for the recording session.

Command Line Client (Linux)  – Start Session

> apptelemetry start session <applname> <applid> <filter> [normal|detail|debug] “description”

    Example: > apptelemetry start session "Fabasoft Folio" "1.1470" "COO.1.1470.1.12" debug "Test from commandline client"

              Session 10 started

After the application tasks have run stop the telemetry session again. Define the ID of the started session or keep this field empty to stop the last started session.

Command Line Client (Linux)  – Stop Session

> apptelemetry stop session

> apptelemetry stop session <sessionid>

    Example: > apptelemetry stop session 10

               Session 10 stopping
           Session 10 started=0 pending=0

After the session was stopped it could be downloaded to the client machine. Define the ID of the stopped session or use the keyword “latest” to download the last stopped session.

If you define an output filename the session ZIP archive is stored to this path, otherwise (if kept empty) the session is written to the configured download target directory with a default filename (

Command Line Client (Linux)  – Download Session

> apptelemetry download session

> apptelemetry download session <sessionid>|latest []

    successfully downloaded infrastructure
    Request      1 id=2597
    Request      7 id=2602
    successfully downloaded request 2597
    successfully downloaded application 954200171049123863
    successfully downloaded request 2602
    successfully downloaded request 2602 file 954200171049123868

When a session is not used any longer, or you need to clean up the server, the session can be deleted from the Fabasoft app.telemetry server with the following command.

Command Line Client (Linux) – Delete Session

> apptelemetry delete session

> apptelemetry delete session <sessionid>

    Example: > apptelemetry delete session 10

               Session 10 deleted

The session and the session information files will be deleted permanently from the server. The raw Software-Telemetry data files will not be deleted by this call, because they may be needed by other sessions. (These raw data files stored in daily directories on the server should be cleaned up manually after some time when they are not needed any more.)

Execute ScriptsPermanent link for this heading

You can execute an infrastructure configuration script directly from the app.telemetry command line.

Command Line Client (Linux) – Execute Script

> apptelemetry execute mypackage.js param1

In order to use the infrastructure-scripting API, it is required to provide the scripts located in the infrastructure-scripting folder of the install directory. If you use the app.telemetry command line from a remote computer provide the -host and -port parameters to connect to the app.telemetry server. A trusted certificate has to be used in order to authenticate successfully with the server (see Installation Guide for further information on trusted certificates).

PackagesPermanent link for this heading

Packages are used to provide configuration information in form of xml files and infrastructure scripts. With the app.telemetry command line tool you can list, upload and download packages and trigger the execution of the contained scripts.

Command Line Client (Linux) – Execute Script

> apptelemetry package list

> apptelemetry package upload <>

> apptelemetry package download <packagename> []

> apptelemetry package execute <packagename>