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The Fabasoft app.telemetry command line client communicates with the Fabasoft app.telemetry server using an HTTP connection.

Use the following commands to setup communication parameters:

Command Line Client (Linux) – Configuration Commands

> apptelemetry set server “http://<servername>/apptelemetry/server/”

> apptelemetry set authentication [anonymous | basic <username> <password> | kerberos]

    example: apptelemetry set authentication basic admin pwd123

Optionally you could also set a proxy server with and without authentication (the default setting is to use a direct connection without proxy server.

Command Line Client (Linux) – Configuration Commands – Proxy

> apptelemetry set proxy [default | direct | host <proxyserver> [<username> <password>]]

    example: apptelemetry set proxy direct

    example: apptelemetry set proxy host

    example: apptelemetry set proxy host myuser mypassword

Telemetry data files are downloaded to the local host into a specific target directory which can be changed using the following command:

Command Line Client (Linux) – Configuration Commands – Download Directory

> apptelemetry set downloadtarget “<target-directory>”

    example: apptelemetry set downloadtarget “/tmp/app.telemetry.client”

These settings are persisted in a configuration file so they only have to be done the first time.

Location of the persisted configuration file:

  • Linux: <user-home-dir>/.app.telemetry/clientsettings.xml
    • Example: /home/admin/.app.telemetry/clientsettings.xml
  • Microsoft Windows: <user-home-dir>\<AppData>\Fabasoft app.telemetry\clientsettings.xml
    • Example (Microsoft Windows Server 2016): C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Fabasoft app.telemetry\clientsettings.xml

Optionally you could also set a timeout for all network requests (from the command line client to Fabasoft app.telemetry web server): default timeout is 30 seconds (30000)

Command Line Client (Linux) – Configuration Commands – Timeout

> apptelemetry set timeout <timeoutmilliseconds>

    example: apptelemetry set timeout 60000