Migrating a Fabasoft app.telemetry Server to another MachinePermanent link for this heading

When you setup a new server as the replacement of a running Fabasoft app.telemetry server instance, you take the following steps:

  1. Setup Fabasoft app.telemetry server on the target server
  2. Stop Fabasoft app.telemetry services on the target server
  3. Remove all Software-Telemetry data
  4. Optional: set alternative “SoftwareTelemetryDataPath
  5. Stop Fabasoft app.telemetry services on the source server
  6. Backup and restore data as describe in the next chapter
  7. Optional: Manually patch the database configuration in the infra.xml
  8. Start Fabasoft app.telemetry services on the target server

You may reduce downtime of the system by incremental copy of Software-Telemetry data before you stop the source server. Software-Telemetry directories of past days are changed only in case of writing additional requests to still running sessions or in case of deleting session, so ensure that no relevant changes will be processed on those directories and it is save to copy those data beforehand.

Warning: Remember that it is essential, that you have the Software-Telemetry data directory of the current day 100% in sync after you stopped your source system before you start your target server.

You may transfer request data any time with the consequences of missing data in your responsibility. Bear in mind, that request statistics may be cached on the database (stattime/statvalue tables) as well as in memory. To recalculate those statistics, truncate the stattime/statvalue tables and restart the Fabasoft app.telemetry server service when the data migration is done.